We Won The Prize “Best Environmental American Hotel Awards”

We Won The Prize “Best Environmental American Hotel Awards”

crestmont-innHere at the Crestmont Inn, we care about the environment and the Best Environmental American Hotel award is the proof for it. We have implemented a series of changes over the years to create what is known as the best place for people aware of nature and the importance of preserving it.

Was it easy? Well, it really was. Anything is easy and possible if you really put your mind to it. We decided to do everything in our power to make the change this Globe needs and deserves and we’re not sorry for it. What did we do? Here are some of the things we did prior to receiving the award:

Electricity Saving

All the lights in the hotel were switched from regulars to LED lights. LED lights shine brighter and at the same time, they save power which helps both the hotel economy and the environment, so it’s a win-win situation. Also, we placed big heating solar panels and all the water that needs to be heated is not powered directly from the sun and absolutely no electricity is used there.

Where can we save electricity?

Installing solar panels and led bulbs are the keys here. Here’s a list of places where we intervened:

The pool

The pool needs a lot of water and that water needs a lot of electricity to be heated to a certain temperature. If we tried to do this with normal power, we would’ve spent a ton of money and electricity which is a complete waste of precious resources. Instead, we connected the pool to solar panels and now the sun heats the pool.

The candelabras

In the yard, we have 22 candelabras. We placed special mini solar panels on top of them and when the sun goes down, their lights use the power of the sun.

The kitchen and washing appliances

Appliances that use standard power became outdated very fast once appliances that use power saving showed up on the market. We switched to devices that support power saving mode all around the kitchen and the washing room.

The bulbs

A total of 463 light bulbs were changed all around the hotel. Rooms, toilets, even the basement, and the warehouse now use LED bulbs. They save both energy and money for the hotel. They last longer and shine brighter.

Water Waste

Water waste is another change we made that helped both the environment and our business economy. We installed low flow shower heads and realized we are saving around 40% of the water we used to use. This is an excellent idea for homes too, but for hotels, we can say it’s a must. But what are low flow shower heads actually?

What Are Low Flow Shower Heads

The standard maximum shower head flow rate that is allowed by the U.S. regulations is 2.5 gpm. Low flow shower heads, like the name itself suggests, is a shower head that allows a lower flow of water to get through it. This way you save water which is good for everyone and you still get the job done. The flow rate with these shower heads is 2.0 gpm – gallons per minute, which is a huge difference having in mind that hotels often have a lot of guests that use showers daily.

The tests and analyses made by professionals in the field have shown that if all homes in the United States install low flow shower heads, America could save up to 250 billion gallons of water annually. This number can provide water for over 2 million houses around the country. These are an unbelievable number for such small investment.

Reusing Instead of Throwing Away

Reusing Instead of Throwing AwayWe switched to the system – reuse instead of creating waste. We removed the coffee machines that used paper and plastic cups and inserted mugs and glasses. Everything that was used only once, now can’t be found around our facilities. We also made a sort of innovation where people make a list of things in their rooms that were not used and need no washing. This way the staff knows what must be placed in the washing machine and what can be used intact for the next guest. All guests know about this and they are happy that they can contribute to preserving the environment.

We are happy that we can help in saving our planet and this award is just a motivation to work harder and get back to the community even more. This award will help us continue promoting the healthy way of living and reusing the energy of every kind instead of simply wasting it.

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