Ways to Renovate a Hotel Bathroom

Ways to Renovate a Hotel Bathroom

Renovate Hotel BathroomHotel guests put cleanliness on top of their demanding list and always rate higher hotels that have this in perfect order. This is not something new or unbelievable, right? It’s normal. But did you know that almost all guest take the bathroom as their “cleanometer” when making a judgment about the overall cleanliness during their stay? Yes, they do, and they don’t just see if there’s a spider web in the corner or the dust haven’t been cleaned up from the top of the mirror. No, the complete look of the bathroom is important.

If there’s even a small leakage that they can see on the floor it means that the hotel managers are not doing their job properly. If they don’t take care of this important things, they surely don’t change the towels every day. Same goes for things like broken tiles, rust in the bathtub, or a faucet that is not working well. Actually, the first thing a person does when they enter the bathroom is using the toilet bowl and the bathroom faucet. That means the guests rate the hotel mostly on how good these things are, and the first impression is almost always the most important thing.

That is why hotel bathrooms must always be in perfect shape. Of course, you can’t expect to make a perfect bathroom and think that you did everything. Bathrooms need a lot of maintenance because there’s often a lot of water on the ground and steam in the air. These things will make the elements in it rust faster and even if the rest of the room is in perfect shape, the bathroom might look disastrous. A good advice is to make often renovations. If the tiles look good, they might not need to be touched, but things like the toilet seat, the bathtub, the sink, and the faucet must be renovated as often as possible. This is not important only from a hygienic reason, but also for keeping in touch with time and always using what’s best at the moment.

Ways to Renovate a Hotel Bathroom

If we talk about what’s best, think about practicality. Yes, design and looks are highly important but don’t forget that it is the 21’st century and technology has gone so far that a sink, a bathtub, and a toilet bowl are not just a piece of ceramic that needs to do the job when guests are in need. Today’s toilet appliances have more functions and depending on your budget, there are some things that will make your hotel room bathroom look more like a spaceship than just a toilet.

Sure, you don’t need to make spaceships, but it is highly important to do everything in your power to make a bathroom that will be as clean as possible with as little maintenance as possible. Ceramics that are used for toilet appliances today use special technology that gets rid of built-up bacteria. The best ones will reduce bacteria presence for almost 99% in a matter of minutes. This is very important for the bathroom sink.

Also, the bathroom faucets must be a state of art too. Because of constant usage, faucets will surely become overused very fast and that’s one of the reasons why they need to be changed often. The other reason is hygiene. No matter how much you pay attention to details, bacteria will simply find their own way to live somewhere where you can’t even imagine. Guests use the faucet every day and get in touch with these bacteria and there’s nothing you can do about it. Except – changing the faucet with a good touchless faucet model often enough.

bathroom faucets must be a state of art

A kitchen faucet is also a very important detail for creating the guest’s first impression of the hotel. We’re not talking about style or the choice of color, even though this is also important, we’re talking about how the faucet looks from a hygienic aspect. Your faucet might look perfect and be perfectly cleaned, but after one use by the guest of the bathroom, the spout might get wet and the water drops that stay on it will leave marks that after a few hours when the guest comes back to use the faucet it will look like it’s messy and dirty. A guest won’t remember about the perfection from the first use, they will remember the spots. This will make the faucet look like it’s not well maintained.

This can be prevented really easy. Just get a stainless faucet. Of course, this doesn’t mean you should lay off the cleaning, but it will help the bathroom look perfect every time a visitor gets in. So, in the end, we can conclude that the hotel bathroom needs often renovating in order to keep it updated and in perfect hygiene.


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