Tropical Destinations Can be a Tricky Vacation Place

Tropical Destinations Can be a Tricky Vacation Place

Tropical VacationTropical zones around the world offer some of the most beautiful places with amazing hotels for vacationing. Beautiful seas, tremendous nature sights, hot weather and sun throughout all year round. However, tropical destinations can also be a tricky vacation place. Why you might ask? Here’s why:

The tropical line across the globe is a place with constant hot weather no matter the tie of the year. Even in winters, the temperatures are around the 77th degree Fahrenheit. In summers, the temperatures go up and reach extremes in some places. As the temperature goes up, the humidity also goes up and make the conditions unbearable. Of course, not all tropical destinations are rainforests and places without basic living conditions. For example, Sri Lanka which is very close to the Equator has an average yearly temperature of around 85 degrees Fahrenheit.

So, what are the most important things you should know before you visit some of the tropical paradise destinations and what measures you should undertake to be completely safe and feel great?

Rainy weather

If you decide to visit Cambodia for example, you should know that some parts of the year are known as wet months. This is a time when rain falls for days, and sometimes even weeks. Tourists usually visit Cambodia and its historical monuments in the dry months when the temperature is bearable and the rains are not so common. However, it’s not strange for the rain to suddenly start falling even if there was nothing showing that this might happen. That’s why it is smart to pack lots of clothes and be sure you don’t forget the raincoat right next to your bathing suit. Also, ask for your hotel if they can provide a good quality small dehumidifier for your bedroom so you can relax in peace.

Dry weather

The tropics also has places with a lot of dry weather. For example – the Kalahari Desert. One of the most attractive places for tourism in Namibia is the Kalahari desert which is one of the places on earth with the least rains throughout the year. There are many hotels and desert tours for visitors who like to learn more about this popular place. However, the hot sun and the dry weather sometimes are unbearable and it is wise to always have cold water with you. Also, make sure the owner of the hotel where you’re staying has humidifiers that will regulate the humidity in your room.

What kinds of humidity problems / solutions are there?

Humidity is very important for people’s health. Dry weather makes serious problems to the skin and the respiratory system. This is a serious problem for all people and especially children who might suffer very dangerous illnesses if the air is not humidified well. That’s why a simple humidifier is the only and the best solution. A small apparatus on your room desk will regulate the air humidity while you sleep and this is just enough to feel better for the rest of the day outside.

Insects and dangerous animals


The tropical region offers the best living conditions for all wildlife. Starting from the flora, then the insects, and ending with some of the biggest land animals in the world – the elephant. Elephants are beautiful creatures, but lions, tigers, snakes, and crocodiles – as amazing as they look are not so friendly. You need to be constantly aware of the dangers in nature and be cautious at all times. Never go hiking and jogging alone in rough nature and be sure that it’s highly dangerous facing wild animals. 99% of the deadliest wild animals live in the tropical region, so have this in mind when going out.

Another very serious problem that might look like something that can be easily avoided is insects. Mosquitoes, flies, and similar small creatures carry deadly diseases that might kill you if you don’t do precautions. Insects living in tropical areas are the number one reason for health problems tourist face while on their vacations. The solutions for this are vaccines taken before the trip that will help you be immune to the most common diseases you might face, sprays against insects, and also taking constant care of where you go, and how you dress.


The heat is also one of the top reasons for health problems of tourists. The closer you get to the Equator, the hotter it is. The solution for this is really simple – always stay hydrated and avoid drinking alcohol. The hot weather will make sweat a lot, but except dehydration, the heat won’t cause other serious problems.

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