The Smallest Hotel Rooms in The World

The Smallest Hotel Rooms in The World

Hotel rooms come in different shapes and sizes. They have no standard on how big they must be. Some are small futuristic hubs with only the essential and others are lavish apartments with bathrooms probably bigger than the place you’re staying right now. There is no right or wrong, some people love to live in luxury and others prefer the survival mode.

The Smallest Hotel Rooms in The World

For the second group of people who love staying in small hotel rooms, here’s a nice list of some of the smallest, yet loveliest hotel rooms in the world. Read on, and see if you find the next destination for your travel.

The Pod Hotel in New York, USA

Knowing how hard it is to find a room inside the city center and not pay a fortune, the founders of the Pod Hotel created this place where you get a room in Midtown New York for an affordable price. The room, as small as it still has a bed, closet, small working desk, and a window. It is also equipped with a flat-screen TV, Wi-Fi connection, iPod dock and a bathroom that’s shared.

Yotel at The Heathrow Airport in London, UK

Yotel at The Heathrow Airport in London, UKYotel is now a worldwide brand that first launched at the Heathrow Airport in London. It is a hotel inside the airport and the rooms are actually almost the same as the first class airplane cabins. The rooms are just 88 square feet and in them, there are two bunk beds, a working place, flat screen TV, and a full toilet. Of course, the architects used compact toilets for small bathrooms, and the sink and the shower are also just enough to do their job. However, Yotel offers anything you might need for a comfortable stay until the time for your next flight.

Tubohotel in Tepoztlan, Mexico

Rooms placed inside concrete tubes? Sounds good? Yes? Well, that’s what you get in this hotel. A room placed inside a concrete tube that is equipped with everything you need for a good night sleep. Queen size bed, working place, a fen, place to store your belongings and power sockets for your electrical devices. The bathroom and the shower are shared, but the best part is probably the infinity hotel right next to the tubes which is the most attractive feature of this place. Prices are around 40 USD per night so it is a great deal for people that like small hotel rooms.

Green Plaza Shinjuku in Tokyo, Japan

Japanese people are known for their tendency of not wasting space because they simply don’t have it much in urban areas. In the city of Tokyo, there are many capsule hotels, but it seems that the Green Plaza Shinjuku is the most popular and the most famous among all. The capsule really is a capsule and people that feel claustrophobic can only get nightmares in it. However, for those that feel fine, the green Plaza Shinjuku offers a bed, Wi-Fi, TV, and power outlets for almost all electronic devices.

Capsule Inn – Osaka, Japan

Capsule Inn - Osaka, Japan

As we already said, Japanese love tiny places. The Capsule Inn is the first capsule hotel in the world and their rooms are champions in the world of small hotel rooms. There’s nothing else in the capsule except the pillow. However, the Capsule Inn today has modernized to a level that sleeping in their rooms doesn’t seem so bad. Inside their facilities, there’s a spa center, massage rooms, and other features that the guests can use, so it’s not that bad if we put the capsule aside.

Kaiteki Hotel in Ho Chi Min, Vietnam

Side by side with the champion from Osaka is the Kaiteki Hotel in Ho Chi Min, Vietnam. With capsules having only 27 square feet, this place is running for the smallest hotel room in the world. However, being small doesn’t mean it’s useless. Guests inside have light and sound blockers to eliminate outside noise and lights. We actually mean curtains and earplugs, but that’s better than nothing. They also have flat screen TV and Wi-Fi. Also, they are not expensive at all, so what more a tiny room lover could ask for?

EasyHotel in Europe

The EasyHotel started its business in London and then expanded its business all around Europe. Their offer brought them a lot of guests and the business flourished very fast. With affordable prices and rooms ranging from 75 to 120 square feet, this brand is almost always full. Rooms offer bed, TV, Wi-Fi, and a small personal bathroom. Again, compact toilets for small bathrooms are used. The bathrooms seem like there’s a lot of space in them, but that’s only becaufse the right equipment was used. Many other hotels with small rooms can insert toilets in each room if they use small toilets.

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