The Best Extra Services You Can Enjoy as a Hotel Guest

The Best Extra Services You Can Enjoy as a Hotel Guest

Booking a hotel room is no more just checking in the closest place to the destination you’re about to go. Hotels have evolved into a place where fun, enjoyment and relaxation is all included, and going out of the hotel is sometimes not even needed for spending the perfect holiday.

Best Extra Services You Can Enjoy as a Hotel Guest

Some of the most extravagant hotels in the world have all kinds of different facilities where people can do everything they can ever think as enjoyment. Starting from pools to bars, then restaurants, and going to spas and tennis courts. Here’s a little list of what some hotels offer as a part of their program to entertain guests.


Nowadays, you don’t have to be Finish to enjoy a hot steamy sauna in freezing winter days. You don’t even have to be Turkish to have a bath in a hot Turkish bath. Hotels around the world offer all this inside their spa centers and people can spend days enjoying. Some hotels are specially made to attract guest just for their spa resorts. Together with skilled masseurs, the spa is a place where people go for a complete recovery from exhausting everyday obligations at home and at work.


All hotels that offer spa will provide a trained masseur to give you a completely relaxing time. Everything from head to toes can be massaged by these professionals and at least for a moment, you’ll think that there’s something better in the world than late night after work relaxation with foot massagers. Sure, you can’t compare the two, so be sure you get a special foot massage while you’re there.

All-day Breakfast

All-day Breakfast

One of the most annoying thing in old-fashioned hotels are serving breakfast until 9 AM. If a person is on vacation, they should feel like it. Some hotels understanding this have started offering all-day breakfast for people that don’t like getting up in the morning.


All the delicious food that hotels offer, made by some of the greatest chefs in the world, must be processed fast if we want to stay healthy. Some people take a lot of care for their physical looks and everyone that works out knows how important is not to miss training for more than one day. That’s why hotels have gyms, often open 24/7, where people can do their workout whenever they can.

Swimming Pools

A hotel without a swimming pool today is like a boxer without muscles. That’s why some hotels are making their swimming pools much more attractive by installing them on rooftops, cliffs, or even hanging off specially built terraces. Swimming pools with a view of amazing sunsets, or overlooking cities. Swimming pools built on top of skyscrapers with bars that offer anything from beer to whiskey.

Yoga Classes

Yoga is very popular everywhere around the world. Hotels organize yoga classes for people that love to relax this way and to find their inner peace. The hotels that have private beaches have the most popular yoga classes as silence and concentration are very important for this activity.


Hotels in the Caribbean, Hawaii, French Polynesia, and other places next to seas and oceans offer diving as an activity that’s very fun. Even low budget hotels now offer diving because it became so popular.

Tennis Courts

Tennis is a game of two, so you need a partner if you want to play. Many hotels have a 24/7 tennis couch that can also be your sparring partner if you have no company and desperately needs a game of tennis. Also, a shop with tennis equipment is a normal thing in places like this. More luxurious hotels have more courts and you can play at any time of the day or night. At night, of course, you’d be playing under the lights which are pretty special.

Golf Terrains

Some big hotel resorts include their own golf terrains. Most offer they are famous exactly for this and hold golf tournaments at least once a year. Knowing that golf needs a lot of lands, not many luxurious hotels can afford to do this, especially not those made inside the cities.

24/7 Restaurants

Food has become one of the fastest growing branches in tourism in the second part of this decade. Serious hotels now have not just one restaurant with an amazing chef, but all kinds of themed restaurants where you can eat and enjoy day and night. Mexican restaurants, sushi bars, Chinese kitchens, and others are all part of the offer now.

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