Some of the Worst Hotels on Earth

Some of the Worst Hotels on Earth

You can check all the booking sites online and all the comments and reviews for the hotel you’re about to visit, but nothing will be comparable to what your personal experience will be. Sometimes, we expect one thing but get a completely different one from the hotels we visit. Sudden layoffs, change of management, unsatisfied employees, anything can happen right before we arrive, and hotel conditions might become unbearable for us while we stay there.

Some of the worst hotels in the world are easy to be recognized before you go there if there are enough reviews about them on the internet. But, what if you book somewhere and there are no reviews whatsoever about that place. What if there are few reviews that are okay, and when you get there, it’s a completely different situation? What if there are bugs in the bed, no hot water in the shower or even worst, no water at all. Maybe no electricity. What if you face owner that want to charge you more than you agreed? These are extreme situations, but they are more common than you might think. There are all kinds of hotels and so many different travelers’ experiences. Here are some of the worst hotels in the world, and how to handle problems that might happen to you in them.

Grand Hotel Pristina, Kosovo

Grand Hotel PristinaIf you have to, for some strange reason, go to Kosovo, you might be offered to stay at the Grand Hotel in the center of the Kosovo capital – Pristina. You’ll be amazed when you see the five stars sign on the front door, but then you’ll be frightened how big of a lie it was. This hotel built decades ago and never renovated is mostly abandoned, and only a small part of it functions. It isn’t maintained at all, and you’ll probably have to stay in a bed that others used before you but the employees didn’t wash the beddings. They probably just made the bed so it looks it’s maintained.

The first advice in a situation like this is to run for the nearest exit. If this option is not possible and you absolutely have to spend the night there, make sure you have clean sheets and something to cover the pillow. Use some of the clothes to cover yourself if it gets cold during the night. Use public toilets and shower later – when you find a better place to stay.

Hotel Printania, Paris, France

Hotel PrintaniaAh, Paris, the city of love. Not if you booked a room in this place. Guests are describing this hotel as a horrible place where it smells disgusting and the ceiling might fall down on them any moment. Probably no one maintains the rooms and everything is so dirty that it will make you wonder how these people are still in the business.

When a place looks dangerous and you have absolutely no option to leave, you have to find an alternative solution. Places like this usually have lots of free rooms because guests left before you. Ask the manager to give you a room that will look better. Owners will never give you trouble about this because they know you’ll leave if they don’t give you another room. Choose from 2 or 3 different rooms and make it through the night.

Waldhotel Ziegstadel, Augsburg, Germany

Waldhotel ZiegstadelA lot of people look for a vacant hotel near Munich during the famous October fest. This hotel is offering some relatively affordable prices for their beds and it’s only an hour away from Munich. If you look on their website, the hotel looks just fine, but in reality, it’s a place without basic cleanliness, no hot water, no food even it says there’s a restaurant inside, and it’s amazingly hard to find.

We talked about the cleanliness, but if you find yourself tired and sweaty, and you simply must shower,  think about a simple solution called tankless water heaters. Tankless water heaters will provide hot water in minutes and are really easy to be installed on the shower. They are usually pretty small and lightweight, so if you’re not sure where you’re headed, a tankless water heater is a smart option.

Guests argued that this hotel also didn’t give them a receipt for their stay. This is actually overcharging as guests will pay for their stay but the owner won’t display this money to the authorities. If you encounter this, just tell the owner that you’ll go to the bank and withdraw money, but instead, go to the police. You’ll probably end up not paying at all for your horrible stay at a place that you expected to be beautiful.

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