It’s About Time We Begin Vacationing in Africa

It’s About Time We Begin Vacationing in Africa

Africa's dangersPeople around the world think that Africa is one place that is not safe for travel. This is wrong on so many levels and in this article, we’re going to try to break the taboo.

When people think of Africa’s dangers, they think about easily transmitted diseases, crime, and not having clean water. This is surely a problem in some areas, but Africa is so big and has so many countries, religions, political systems, and natural differences, that is absolutely wrong to think of it as one whole. For example, the size of Africa is around 11.7 million square miles and the size of the United States is just 3.5 million. This is a great comparison of how big Africa really is. There are 54 countries in it, all with different governments and ways of life. There are almost 3000 different native languages spoken. Almost 1.3 billion people live in Africa. When it comes to religion, some people think that Africa has a dominant religion, but in reality, the two major religions of the world, Christianity and Islam are almost equally present at the continent. Around 47% of the population is Christian and about 44% are Muslim. We hope that this will bring a better picture of Africa when you think about visiting it. Good research about the place you like to visit is always the best idea.

Natural conditions

Natural conditions

One of the biggest concerns for people that think about traveling to Africa is safety. They ask themselves if it is safe for them and their families to travel because of the harsh natural conditions of the continent. It is true that the biggest desert in the world, Sahara, is located in Africa and probably some of the deadliest forests too. All kinds of dead animals can be found all around the continent, but this is not something that a traveler should be afraid of. Just think of how deadly can be traveling to Arizona deserts or ending alone in the Grand Canyon, but still, millions of people live in Phoenix and the area. Same goes for Africa. Yes, it is dangerous in some areas, but some places are simply amazing and worth the visit.

The biggest real problem that Africa’s facing is food and water. Millions of people in some countries are dying from famine and access to clean water. The food is a much more complex problem, but the water is really is to be fixed if people really put enough effort into it. Tourists should also have this in mind and carry some purifiers with them. People that tend to stay longer in places that have no clean water should carry water filter pitchers as their best solution.

Of course, not all countries in Africa have this problem. For example, one of the most developed countries on the continent, Namibia, has 98% of the urban area covered with clean water. A total of 91% on all its territory have clean water. On the other hand, Ethiopia which is in a completely different part of the continent is facing very serious problems considering clean water. More than half of the population which is almost 50 million people doesn’t have access to clean water.

You might ask yourself, is there something that can be done to make life better to all these people? It’s a great question, and the answer is really simple – water filter systems and water filter pitchers in great quantities. The problem is that all this equipment is not easy to be transported and implemented, but it’s definitely a solution. Actually, Africa is not the only continent facing clean water shortage. A total of 783 million people around the planet have no access to clean drinkable water.

Can we do something about it?

Sure, water filter pitchers and filtration equipment is the easiest first step. Then, installing water filtration systems in homes and public places is the second and more serious step which must be done as soon as possible. This will solve the water filtration overall problem in many areas, especially the urban areas still struggling to provide clean water.

Authorities can install reverse osmosis systems which are proven to be among the best in the world. Individuals can install full house water filters, and there’s always the simple solution – the water filter pitchers using charcoal water filters. These filters are eliminating all the bad bacteria from the water and make it drinkable at once.

So is there something we can do? Sure. Travel more to Africa, brake the taboo of being unsafe and donate to people who are in need.

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