Is Rural Tourism Still A Thing?

Is Rural Tourism Still A Thing?

Not only it’s still a thing, but rural tourism is living the days of its glory. Like never before tourists are asking for tourist agencies to find arrangements across Europe and the World. Rural tourism is developed everywhere around the world, but it seems that Europeans pay the most attention to details and attract the most visitors. Because of its rich history and a tradition of living in rural areas, the Balkans have the most offers for tourists that love this kind of travels. Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey, the countries from the former Yugoslavia, all have amazing destinations and villages that offer unforgettable experiences.

Rural Tourism

Some places that used to have hundreds of residents, now have only a few people living there all year round, but thanks to their rich history and fabulous architecture, these places were transformed into hotels. Some of them have more stars than others, but they all offer a great experience for adventure seekers and rural tourism lovers.

Even though rural tourism is a beautiful thing, one must be aware of all the pros and cons that come with traveling in rural areas. Unlike urban hotels, these places sometimes face power shortages, lack of comfort, water floods, and other unpleasant situations that probably won’t occur in city hotels. However, there are many positive sides too. Let’s see some of the pros and cons of rural tourism.

Cons of Rural Tourism

As we already mentioned, nature is a major factor in rural tourism as villages are not always ready for everything that might come their way. Here are some things that you should know.

Power outages

Power lines in rural areas work the same way as in urban, but when a line breaks, it takes much more time for workers to get there and fix it. That’s why it is recommended for all hotels working in rural areas to have power generators in case something like this happens.

Comfort challenges

Guests going on these kinds of adventures always live more luxurious than the places they are going to. Air-conditioning, Wi-Fi, 24/7 hot water are not always an option. Owners of village accommodations often have nothing to do, because some of these features are too expensive to be installed and also they will ruin the whole rural experience. So it is better for you as a guest to be ready for anything.


If we take the Balkans for example, we know that almost all the villages were built near rivers. Most of the locations where rural tourism is happening are close to rivers that might flood the area in some parts of the year. That’s why owners of village houses must have a good quality sump pump. Always ask for your agency when is a critical time for floods at the place you’re visiting, and ask if there’s a sump pump.

Why are sump pumps so important?

When heavy rains come, most villages have no irrigation systems to transfer the water. Lots of houses with basements get flooded and unless the water is dried very fast, the house will be ruined. The water will bring mud, dead animals and lots of diseases. If the flooding is extreme, houses might even collapse.

Pros of Rural Tourism

Pros of Rural Tourism

The good sides of rural tourism are much more important than the bad ones. The pros will surely happen to you, but the cons is not very probable that you’ll encounter. Here are some of the pros.


Probably one of the best things about rural tourism is learning about people’s history, tradition and way of life. Knowing that visiting villages that are often older than 300 or 400 years and talking to descendants that are directly connected to the people founded those places is priceless.


Food is a major pro factor in rural tourism. Houses and hotels in rural areas very often serve food that’s made with 100% natural ingredients and by a recipe used hundreds of years ago. Just ask the owners what’s popular in their culture and you won’t make a mistake.

Sightseeing and relaxation

Visiting modern hotels with lots of stars offer luxury and enjoyment of one kind. Visiting Eco hotels and village house apartments offer a completely different relaxation. Rural tourism is always located in nature where the industry and human destruction is still out of the picture. Knowing that all of us come from cities where high buildings are blocking the view and noisy cars are damaging our ears, staying in a place where it’s quiet and surrounded by nature can be a real vacation.

Enjoy walking in forests, climbing the mountains, watching the birds, and of course, watching the stars at night as the light pollution is absent in rural areas.

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