How to Manage Your Waste Collection When You Run a Hotel

How to Manage Your Waste Collection When You Run a Hotel

How to Manage Your Waste Collection When You Run a HotelRunning a hotel is a tough job. Anyone that tried – knows. There are so many things a manager should worry about, from marketing and getting enough guests, to throwing out the garbage can every day.

Visitors in hotels usually see the place all tidy and in order, but they never see all the logistics needed for the hotel to look perfect. One of the most challenging obligations a hotel manager has is taking care of the waste. A full hotel has a lot of waste at the end of each day, and all this must be disposed in time and in order to keep the place clean and lovely. If you skip throwing away the garbage one day it will start smelling and guests will feel it. Nothing is a worse marketing for your business as an unsatisfied guest.

The waste problem is a serious issue for another reason. Global warming and preserving nature are becoming a number one priority for everyone in the modern world. Keeping nature clean and safe is very important and should be for every hotel owner. Waste disposal is on top of the list considering this problem. Here’s what you can do to perfectly manage your waste:

The Three R’s That Are So Important

Reduce, reuse, and recycle! The three R’s are very important for every waste management. They’ll keep your budget in order and the environment safe.



Make a list of all orders you make for your hotel. Starting from the kitchen and end with the toilet supplies. If you analyze them one by one, you’ll see that there are many things that can be left out or at least changed with something more convenient. For example, it’s very important to change all the lights with LED lights that save energy. Also, switch to refillable dispensers. Stop ordering soap, shampoo, and other toiled supplies that are used only once and thrown away, but install a dispenser that will be used by the guests and refilled from the staff when it’s empty. This way you save money for the hotel and you preserve nature.


You probably already know how much food is thrown away each they from restaurants and hotels. It’s an amazingly high number. Knowing that millions of people in the world suffer from hunger, food waste going in garbage cans is simply inhumane. You might think that you only run a small hotel and you can’t make much of a difference, but this is not true. Every little step can make a difference. Donate the food waste to homeless shelters, animal shelters and reduce the food waste while you feed someone at the same time.

Another idea for reusing is old and overused sheets, towels and blankets. All these can be donated or used as cleaning rugs for your maintenance personnel.


Should we even get into this one? Is there still someone not recycling? No one right? The battle now is how to be more efficient. Try making some motivational games for your employees to make them do a better recycling job. You might even reward the ones that do a great job. Also, look for the best recycling company that fits you the best. Analyze the hauler frequency and the amount of your waste and see if you find the best solution. This will both be good for your economy and for society.

Useful Tips on Garbage Disposing

An ordinary hotel guest produces around 2 pounds of garbage during the night. That’s a lot of waste. At least half of it is paper and plastic. For easier recycling, make sure all different types of waste go to a proper place. Make a different container for plastic, glass, paper, and ask the employees to follow the rules strictly.

When all the garbage material is collected from the rooms it must be stored somewhere before the hauler arrives. Make sure the waste containers are far enough from the hotel rooms so the guests won’t feel the smell.

Another idea about managing your waste collection is not having any. Sure, this is not possible, you must have a garbage bin if you’re a hotel, but you can reduce as much as you can creating that waste. Look for the three R’s again and think about reducing and reusing anything you can. For example, if you serve your guests coffee in mugs instead of paper cups, you won’t have as much waste as expected. Also, toilet accessories used only once and thrown away. Change them with a refillable dispenser as we already mentioned.

In short, make as little waste as possible, try to reuse some of it, and finally sort them well before it’s recycled. It’s not complicated, you just need devotion.

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