How Big of a Hotel Room do You Really Need?

How Big of a Hotel Room do You Really Need?

It’s simply a fact that there are different types of guests that are looking for different types of hotels. That’s exactly why there are so many different hotel styles. Hotel owners are adjusting their facilities for a different type of guests looking for such amenities.

Some guests love luxury, some like historical places and hotels made in places where this is the most important. According to the theme the hotel is based on, the accommodation is also made to fit the needs. For example, hotels made to be luxurious have rooms that are spacious and often full of lots of accessories to make the guest’s stay more pleasant. On the other hand, the Albergo Difusso styled hotels that are very popular around Europe have rooms according to the village houses style, which is often small and rustic.

As you can see, there is no clear answer on how big the hotel room should be. It all depends on what you’re looking for as a guest. Please continue reading and learn about the room sizes for some of the most common hotel types.

Resorts And Luxury Hotels

Resorts And Luxury HotelsHotels that are luxurious, as we already mentioned before, have more facilities inside the hotel and rooms that are way more spacious than other hotel types. The minimum in these hotels is around 300-350 square feet. This type of room is big enough to never make you feel claustrophobic. Depending on what you ask for, luxury hotels always have apartments and rooms that include much more than just the bed in which you sleep.

These types of hotels and hotel rooms always have a spacious toilet and a kitchen with all the accessories needed to make you feel like home. Stoves, fridges, and kitchen sinks are all part of it. A dining table with plates, forks, knives, and everything needed for a perfect meal. In a way, luxury hotel rooms are designed to make you feel like home having all the necessities for a perfect stay.

Bed and Breakfast Hotels

Sometimes Bed and Breakfast, or BnB hotels, have rooms as small as 100 square feet. There’s just the bed, maybe a TV set and a nightstand and nothing else. These rooms are pretty small, but in a way, BnB hotels are made for people that are not staying more than one or two nights, so this is a logical size for a BnB hotel room.

These places often have only 5-10 rooms and are operated in a house or a building where the family that owns it also lives. There’s a kitchen that the guests share for breakfast. It means that everything inside it is also shareable, the fridge, a well placed stainless steel kitchen sink, everything.

Casino Hotels

Casino HotelsCasino hotels are also made spacious and luxurious. This is part of the marketing program these hotels run. They need the guests to feel free and get a filing that they can do anything they like. This will eventually lead to spending more money in their casinos. People staying at casino hotels rarely stay in their rooms. These places are so fond of entertainment that no one spends more than 8-10 hours in their room and that time is 90% spent on sleeping.

Rooms are big and have lots of accessories, but this isn’t really needed from a practical point of view. It’s there just to show the guests that they can afford it.


Hostels are budget-friendly overnight shelters. They are extremely popular among students and travelers because they offer inexpensive rooms. Of course, what you pay is what you get, so some hostels offer rooms that are shareable with total strangers. Other hostels offer rooms with more than 5 beds which is excellent for traveling groups, but when you compare how many people sleep in one room, and knowing that the rooms are almost never bigger than 200 square feet, then you see that hostels have the most affordable bed, but also the smallest room.

Eco-Friendly Hotels

A very popular type of hotel lately is the eco-friendly hotel. These places main priority is taking care of the environment and saving the nature’s reserves such as clean water and electricity. They also try their best to recycle as more as possible from their waste and do their best in keeping the nature clean.

Rooms in eco friendly hotels are also a part of the preserving concept. They are rarely bigger than 350 square feet because research has shown that the perfect size for a room in the hotel is somewhere between 280 and 350 square feet. So as a conclusion, we can say that this is the rooms size you need as a quest to feel comfortable yet modest.

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