Having 100% Clean Water at Your Hotel

Having 100% Clean Water at Your Hotel

Having 100% Clean Water at Your HotelFreshwater is essential for the existence of all life on this planet. Humans are no different. At the moment, more than 780 million people don’t have access to clean drinking water and this is a serious world problem. Some parts of the world have real trouble in finding fresh drinkable water in nature. Others simply have it all around them, but getting this fresh water from one place to another is not an easy thing to do.

Hotels in places where fresh water is hard to find must provide it by themselves. Guests coming to these hotels already know where they are going and they expect the hotel to have this covered without a single smallest problem. That’s why hotels must provide a cleaning system for their tap water or find other solutions, like water filters pitchers. Some might ask if it better to serve the guests with bottled water? Sure, this is a perfect solution, but it’s nearly impossible because of the price of bottled water and because of the logistic problem. Big hotels would need to transport tons and tons of drinkable water which would be an amazing challenge. Just storing all this drinkable water will be a challenge of its own. So what are the solutions?

Full House Water Filter System

Full House Water Filter System for hotel

Relatively easy to install and very easy to use are the full house water filter systems. They are placed directly on the main pipe that brings water to the faucets everywhere in the object. The water goes through a filtering system that destroys 99,9% of the dangerous bacteria. The end user, or the guests, get clean drinkable water. If you’re running a hotel it is wise to highlight this fact and let all your guests know that you’re using one of these full house water filtering systems so that they feel safer and have a more pleasant stay.

There are many different brands and models of full house water filters on the market. Some are more affordable, some are more expensive. The most important feature that basically creates the price is the capacity of water that the filter can clean. Some home systems can filter up to a million gallons of water which is a really good investment knowing that hotels waste lots of water every day.

Water Filter Pitchers

Water Filter PitchersIf for some reason you can’t install the previous system, there’s a much simple solution which is also a lot more affordable than the previous one. Water filter pitchers work in the same way the full house water filters work. The difference is that the first one is installed directly on the pipeline and the pitchers can be placed on a table and be poured directly in the glass.

Many experts think that there is no need for drinkable water for cleaning the dishes, showering and for using this kind of water for flushing the toilet. It may be arguably about the dishes and the showering, but water for the toilet bowl definitely doesn’t need to be drinkable. That’s why many hotels decide to use water filter pitcher instead of installing whole house filtering systems. It saves money and takes care of nature by not wasting too much precious clean water.

Water filter pitchers can be found everywhere. They are very popular and are being used even in places where fresh drinkable water can be found. People simply don’t feel safe because of the large industrial corporations whose factories destroy nature and the freshwater locations. A lot of people use filter pitchers in their homes and when they visit hotels as guests, they expect to see the same there.

These cool gadgets work in a way that when water goes through the filter, the filter captures all the unwanted ingredients. The filter uses special chemicals that only keeps the bad guys and the rest of the good minerals and vitamins, if there are, go through it intact. That’s why after some time the filter becomes useless and needs to be changed. Here are some excellent water filter pitchers that we like and use:

ZeroWater Filter Pitcher

This filter pitcher has a capacity of 10 cups and cleans the water for an hour and a half. This is relatively good because there are filters that are faster, but also way slower than this. The beauty in it is that the ZeroWater filter pitcher has the best effectiveness and the water run through it feels amazingly fresh.

Brita Filter Pitcher

Brita is a giant in the industry of water filter pitchers. This filter pitcher cleans the water about 40 minutes and also have a 10-cup capacity.

Mavea Filter Pitcher

This German brand is one of the best alongside the first two. It cleans the water for just over one hour. The only problem is they don’t distribute to North America. So if you really like their products, you’ll have to find another way to get their latest pitchers.

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