Are Hotels With Outdoor Parking Lots Outdated

Are Hotels With Outdoor Parking Lots Outdated

Some people might not have an opinion on whether the parking for their car should be inside or outside, but a lot of people actually really mind this problem. A lot of people are looking for information on the parking lots of the hotel they are about to visit and many of them choose another place if they see that the parking lots are not what they prefer.

The general meaning and the better preference is parking that’s inside. Based on this, we can say that hotels with outdoor parking lots are definitely outdated. However, before we make a clear verdict, please read on about the pros of parking lots that are inside and outside.

Outdoor Parking Lots Pros

There are not too many pros about parking outside. Still, some people like parking outside more because of one very important reason for them – convenience. Parking outside is convenient. There’s no need for opening and waiting for doors, no need for complex maneuvers, and there’s generally less trouble in finding the right spot. It’s not a tragedy if the driver misses the white line on the ground while inside, the driver must be much more careful because the white lines often mean a wall. And hitting the wall will result in serious damage.

Indoor Parking Lots Pros

Indoor Parking Lots Pros

Drivers like parking indoor for many more reasons. Based on research all around the world, drivers in all continents agree on most of the following:

Rain and hail protection

Cars parked outside are exposed to all kinds of weather conditions. Rain is usually not something that might damage your car but sometimes rain comes with hail and this is a very serious problem for cars parked outdoors. The hail sometimes is so big that it can break the windshield of the car, and scratch the color off the roof and the hood. Parking indoors, of course, solve this problem and the car will never be exposed to such weather conditions.

Sun overheating

Parking the car outside in the summer will surely result in overheating the temperature inside the car. Parking indoors solves this problem because the car is not directly exposed to sunlight. Another problem the sun rays cause is that constant weather changes going to extremes will help for the faster spending of material. The color will fade, tires will need to be changed sooner, and other parts will become expandable faster.

Snow and freezing

Parking indoors will save the car from snow and freezing. You know that feeling in the winter when you have to go out and spend at least 10 minutes cleaning your car from snow and ice before you actually start driving? Well, parking indoors solves this especially if you’re one of those smart people that install garage heaters in their parking places. Underground garages can also be very cold and frost might occur there too. That’s why it is a good move to install garage heaters. They will keep the temperature to a level you like and you’ll always have your car ready if you need to drive off right away. They are also very affordable so you can be sure this is a good investment for your car.

Theft and vandalism

Parking outdoor means letting everyone have access to your car. If a thief decides to steal your car, no alarm system or secure lock will stop them. Parking indoors means a much more complex operation and your car is generally safer. Also, you prevent accidents from other drivers or vandalism in the late hours. An indoor garage keeps your car safe.


As you can see, there are much more pros in the indoor section than in the outdoor one. We explained how people see parking for their own personal home parking place, but guests visiting hotels are the same people as these ones. Everyone likes to feel like home when they go to a hotel somewhere else.

That’s why our verdict is – hotels with outdoor parking are definitely outdated. The solution for this are closed garages, of course. If there’s no chance for an underground garage, then a separate construction that will be adjusted for this need will also do the job. Don’t forget to install heating in every separate garage, if you make them separated, and also try to provide enough driving space for people that don’t feel too comfortable driving in tiny garages.

If you still doubt, don’t forget that hotels with indoor garages usually have more guests and their rooms are slightly more expensive than the competition that doesn’t really mind about parking places.

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