How to Manage Your Waste Collection When You Run a Hotel

How to Manage Your Waste Collection When You Run a Hotel

How to Manage Your Waste Collection When You Run a HotelRunning a hotel is a tough job. Anyone that tried – knows. There are so many things a manager should worry about, from marketing and getting enough guests, to throwing out the garbage can every day.

Visitors in hotels usually see the place all tidy and in order, but they never see all the logistics needed for the hotel to look perfect. One of the most challenging obligations a hotel manager has is taking care of the waste. A full hotel has a lot of waste at the end of each day, and all this must be disposed in time and in order to keep the place clean and lovely. If you skip throwing away the garbage one day it will start smelling and guests will feel it. Nothing is a worse marketing for your business as an unsatisfied guest.

The waste problem is a serious issue for another reason. Global warming and preserving nature are becoming a number one priority for everyone in the modern world. Keeping nature clean and safe is very important and should be for every hotel owner. Waste disposal is on top of the list considering this problem. Here’s what you can do to perfectly manage your waste:

The Three R’s That Are So Important

Reduce, reuse, and recycle! The three R’s are very important for every waste management. They’ll keep your budget in order and the environment safe.



Make a list of all orders you make for your hotel. Starting from the kitchen and end with the toilet supplies. If you analyze them one by one, you’ll see that there are many things that can be left out or at least changed with something more convenient. For example, it’s very important to change all the lights with LED lights that save energy. Also, switch to refillable dispensers. Stop ordering soap, shampoo, and other toiled supplies that are used only once and thrown away, but install a dispenser that will be used by the guests and refilled from the staff when it’s empty. This way you save money for the hotel and you preserve nature.


You probably already know how much food is thrown away each they from restaurants and hotels. It’s an amazingly high number. Knowing that millions of people in the world suffer from hunger, food waste going in garbage cans is simply inhumane. You might think that you only run a small hotel and you can’t make much of a difference, but this is not true. Every little step can make a difference. Donate the food waste to homeless shelters, animal shelters and reduce the food waste while you feed someone at the same time.

Another idea for reusing is old and overused sheets, towels and blankets. All these can be donated or used as cleaning rugs for your maintenance personnel.


Should we even get into this one? Is there still someone not recycling? No one right? The battle now is how to be more efficient. Try making some motivational games for your employees to make them do a better recycling job. You might even reward the ones that do a great job. Also, look for the best recycling company that fits you the best. Analyze the hauler frequency and the amount of your waste and see if you find the best solution. This will both be good for your economy and for society.

Useful Tips on Garbage Disposing

An ordinary hotel guest produces around 2 pounds of garbage during the night. That’s a lot of waste. At least half of it is paper and plastic. For easier recycling, make sure all different types of waste go to a proper place. Make a different container for plastic, glass, paper, and ask the employees to follow the rules strictly.

When all the garbage material is collected from the rooms it must be stored somewhere before the hauler arrives. Make sure the waste containers are far enough from the hotel rooms so the guests won’t feel the smell.

Another idea about managing your waste collection is not having any. Sure, this is not possible, you must have a garbage bin if you’re a hotel, but you can reduce as much as you can creating that waste. Look for the three R’s again and think about reducing and reusing anything you can. For example, if you serve your guests coffee in mugs instead of paper cups, you won’t have as much waste as expected. Also, toilet accessories used only once and thrown away. Change them with a refillable dispenser as we already mentioned.

In short, make as little waste as possible, try to reuse some of it, and finally sort them well before it’s recycled. It’s not complicated, you just need devotion.

Traveling With Allergies

Traveling With Allergies

Allergies are so annoying. Some allergies are simply impossible to avoid. For example, the one that is provoked from pollen. When springtime arrives, you can’t do much about the pollen in the air. Yes, there are sprays and pills, but you can’t control nature and ask from it to stop their processes just so you can enjoy your vacation, right?

Traveling With Allergies

Other types of allergies are more manageable. One of the most common allergies is the one provoked by dust. Actually, some very serious implications might occur if it is not treated and if the person suffering from it is constantly exposed to dust. Here’s a short list of some of the most common allergies and how to handle them:

Pollen allergies

Pollen allergies

Pollen allergies happen in spring when flowers and trees blossom. Through the air, the allergen is transported absolutely everywhere and there’s no chance of not breading it in when you’re outside in nature.

The solution for this is constantly changing clothes after you come home. Washing your hair with shampoos that are suitable for your hair and skin. Also, even though fresh air is beautiful and necessary, make sure you don’t keep your windows open for too long. If you do, the pollen will get in your room in higher quantity and you’ll notice allergy symptoms just like when you go out.

When it comes to traveling, try to book a hotel that’s not close to parks and fields. Also, ask the managers if they have air conditioners with special filters that prevent pollen get in your room.

Pro tip: Nasal sprays usually fix the pollen problem for a while. Always have some with you and don’t let pollen ruin a nice walk around the city or even the park. If you can’t stand the pollen allergy and it’s too strong, excuse yourself and go back to your room until you feel better, but don’t miss on life’s beautiful moments just because of your pollen allergy.

Dust allergies

Dust allergiesDust allergies are actually happening because of tiny insects living in the dust called dust mites. Believe it or not, they are related to spiders, but they are so small that you can’t see them with a naked eye. Dust mites feed on the dead skin that’s in the dust. Since we all have contact with dust every day, we also have contact with these tiny little creatures.

The solution for this is more hygiene. Take off the dust from places that you have contact with, but also wipe everything you can because dust is so lightweight that it travels through the air without you seeing it. Most of it can be seen on shelves, and other surfaces, but it also getters on your carpets, the upholstery, the table and on the ground. The solution – carpet cleaning machines. You must have these dust-fighters. They eliminate the dust and the insects in it which means your allergy will be tamed.

Same goes for your travels. Hotels are usually well maintained but not every hotel takes care of it like a person suffering from dust allergy would like to. Since the machines are pretty big and you can’t take them with you, make sure the hotel you’re staying at has this equipment. Ask the managers if they have carpet cleaning machines and highlight the importance of having a room that’s dust-free. Dust machines can be also rented so hotel owners won’t have a problem in providing one for you.

Pro tip: Always have antihistamines in your pocket. If you’re suffering from dust allergy then you know how helpful this medicament can be. Sometimes you simply can’t control everything. To be honest to ourselves, not always everything should be controlled. Life is more than obsessive care for events.

Food allergies

This one is probably the most serious among the allergies. The food allergy depending on the type can be seriously dangerous and sometimes even life-threatening. At home, people always know what they can eat and what to avoid, but when traveling, it’s simply impossible to inform everyone what must be avoided in your food.

The solution is to be extra cautious with everything you consume. Before checking in, make a list of the foods that allergens for you and check twice before you start eating. Large hotels have a lot of employees and dozens of waiters that might not get the message about your allergy. That’s why you’re the one that must take care of all details each meal you have out of your house.

Pro tip: Always have a candy bar or something that will keep you full until the next meal in case you can’t find any food free of allergens.

Some of the Worst Hotels on Earth

Some of the Worst Hotels on Earth

You can check all the booking sites online and all the comments and reviews for the hotel you’re about to visit, but nothing will be comparable to what your personal experience will be. Sometimes, we expect one thing but get a completely different one from the hotels we visit. Sudden layoffs, change of management, unsatisfied employees, anything can happen right before we arrive, and hotel conditions might become unbearable for us while we stay there.

Some of the worst hotels in the world are easy to be recognized before you go there if there are enough reviews about them on the internet. But, what if you book somewhere and there are no reviews whatsoever about that place. What if there are few reviews that are okay, and when you get there, it’s a completely different situation? What if there are bugs in the bed, no hot water in the shower or even worst, no water at all. Maybe no electricity. What if you face owner that want to charge you more than you agreed? These are extreme situations, but they are more common than you might think. There are all kinds of hotels and so many different travelers’ experiences. Here are some of the worst hotels in the world, and how to handle problems that might happen to you in them.

Grand Hotel Pristina, Kosovo

Grand Hotel PristinaIf you have to, for some strange reason, go to Kosovo, you might be offered to stay at the Grand Hotel in the center of the Kosovo capital – Pristina. You’ll be amazed when you see the five stars sign on the front door, but then you’ll be frightened how big of a lie it was. This hotel built decades ago and never renovated is mostly abandoned, and only a small part of it functions. It isn’t maintained at all, and you’ll probably have to stay in a bed that others used before you but the employees didn’t wash the beddings. They probably just made the bed so it looks it’s maintained.

The first advice in a situation like this is to run for the nearest exit. If this option is not possible and you absolutely have to spend the night there, make sure you have clean sheets and something to cover the pillow. Use some of the clothes to cover yourself if it gets cold during the night. Use public toilets and shower later – when you find a better place to stay.

Hotel Printania, Paris, France

Hotel PrintaniaAh, Paris, the city of love. Not if you booked a room in this place. Guests are describing this hotel as a horrible place where it smells disgusting and the ceiling might fall down on them any moment. Probably no one maintains the rooms and everything is so dirty that it will make you wonder how these people are still in the business.

When a place looks dangerous and you have absolutely no option to leave, you have to find an alternative solution. Places like this usually have lots of free rooms because guests left before you. Ask the manager to give you a room that will look better. Owners will never give you trouble about this because they know you’ll leave if they don’t give you another room. Choose from 2 or 3 different rooms and make it through the night.

Waldhotel Ziegstadel, Augsburg, Germany

Waldhotel ZiegstadelA lot of people look for a vacant hotel near Munich during the famous October fest. This hotel is offering some relatively affordable prices for their beds and it’s only an hour away from Munich. If you look on their website, the hotel looks just fine, but in reality, it’s a place without basic cleanliness, no hot water, no food even it says there’s a restaurant inside, and it’s amazingly hard to find.

We talked about the cleanliness, but if you find yourself tired and sweaty, and you simply must shower,  think about a simple solution called tankless water heaters. Tankless water heaters will provide hot water in minutes and are really easy to be installed on the shower. They are usually pretty small and lightweight, so if you’re not sure where you’re headed, a tankless water heater is a smart option.

Guests argued that this hotel also didn’t give them a receipt for their stay. This is actually overcharging as guests will pay for their stay but the owner won’t display this money to the authorities. If you encounter this, just tell the owner that you’ll go to the bank and withdraw money, but instead, go to the police. You’ll probably end up not paying at all for your horrible stay at a place that you expected to be beautiful.

Tropical Destinations Can be a Tricky Vacation Place

Tropical Destinations Can be a Tricky Vacation Place

Tropical VacationTropical zones around the world offer some of the most beautiful places with amazing hotels for vacationing. Beautiful seas, tremendous nature sights, hot weather and sun throughout all year round. However, tropical destinations can also be a tricky vacation place. Why you might ask? Here’s why:

The tropical line across the globe is a place with constant hot weather no matter the tie of the year. Even in winters, the temperatures are around the 77th degree Fahrenheit. In summers, the temperatures go up and reach extremes in some places. As the temperature goes up, the humidity also goes up and make the conditions unbearable. Of course, not all tropical destinations are rainforests and places without basic living conditions. For example, Sri Lanka which is very close to the Equator has an average yearly temperature of around 85 degrees Fahrenheit.

So, what are the most important things you should know before you visit some of the tropical paradise destinations and what measures you should undertake to be completely safe and feel great?

Rainy weather

If you decide to visit Cambodia for example, you should know that some parts of the year are known as wet months. This is a time when rain falls for days, and sometimes even weeks. Tourists usually visit Cambodia and its historical monuments in the dry months when the temperature is bearable and the rains are not so common. However, it’s not strange for the rain to suddenly start falling even if there was nothing showing that this might happen. That’s why it is smart to pack lots of clothes and be sure you don’t forget the raincoat right next to your bathing suit. Also, ask for your hotel if they can provide a good quality small dehumidifier for your bedroom so you can relax in peace.

Dry weather

The tropics also has places with a lot of dry weather. For example – the Kalahari Desert. One of the most attractive places for tourism in Namibia is the Kalahari desert which is one of the places on earth with the least rains throughout the year. There are many hotels and desert tours for visitors who like to learn more about this popular place. However, the hot sun and the dry weather sometimes are unbearable and it is wise to always have cold water with you. Also, make sure the owner of the hotel where you’re staying has humidifiers that will regulate the humidity in your room.

What kinds of humidity problems / solutions are there?

Humidity is very important for people’s health. Dry weather makes serious problems to the skin and the respiratory system. This is a serious problem for all people and especially children who might suffer very dangerous illnesses if the air is not humidified well. That’s why a simple humidifier is the only and the best solution. A small apparatus on your room desk will regulate the air humidity while you sleep and this is just enough to feel better for the rest of the day outside.

Insects and dangerous animals


The tropical region offers the best living conditions for all wildlife. Starting from the flora, then the insects, and ending with some of the biggest land animals in the world – the elephant. Elephants are beautiful creatures, but lions, tigers, snakes, and crocodiles – as amazing as they look are not so friendly. You need to be constantly aware of the dangers in nature and be cautious at all times. Never go hiking and jogging alone in rough nature and be sure that it’s highly dangerous facing wild animals. 99% of the deadliest wild animals live in the tropical region, so have this in mind when going out.

Another very serious problem that might look like something that can be easily avoided is insects. Mosquitoes, flies, and similar small creatures carry deadly diseases that might kill you if you don’t do precautions. Insects living in tropical areas are the number one reason for health problems tourist face while on their vacations. The solutions for this are vaccines taken before the trip that will help you be immune to the most common diseases you might face, sprays against insects, and also taking constant care of where you go, and how you dress.


The heat is also one of the top reasons for health problems of tourists. The closer you get to the Equator, the hotter it is. The solution for this is really simple – always stay hydrated and avoid drinking alcohol. The hot weather will make sweat a lot, but except dehydration, the heat won’t cause other serious problems.

Is Rural Tourism Still A Thing?

Is Rural Tourism Still A Thing?

Not only it’s still a thing, but rural tourism is living the days of its glory. Like never before tourists are asking for tourist agencies to find arrangements across Europe and the World. Rural tourism is developed everywhere around the world, but it seems that Europeans pay the most attention to details and attract the most visitors. Because of its rich history and a tradition of living in rural areas, the Balkans have the most offers for tourists that love this kind of travels. Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey, the countries from the former Yugoslavia, all have amazing destinations and villages that offer unforgettable experiences.

Rural Tourism

Some places that used to have hundreds of residents, now have only a few people living there all year round, but thanks to their rich history and fabulous architecture, these places were transformed into hotels. Some of them have more stars than others, but they all offer a great experience for adventure seekers and rural tourism lovers.

Even though rural tourism is a beautiful thing, one must be aware of all the pros and cons that come with traveling in rural areas. Unlike urban hotels, these places sometimes face power shortages, lack of comfort, water floods, and other unpleasant situations that probably won’t occur in city hotels. However, there are many positive sides too. Let’s see some of the pros and cons of rural tourism.

Cons of Rural Tourism

As we already mentioned, nature is a major factor in rural tourism as villages are not always ready for everything that might come their way. Here are some things that you should know.

Power outages

Power lines in rural areas work the same way as in urban, but when a line breaks, it takes much more time for workers to get there and fix it. That’s why it is recommended for all hotels working in rural areas to have power generators in case something like this happens.

Comfort challenges

Guests going on these kinds of adventures always live more luxurious than the places they are going to. Air-conditioning, Wi-Fi, 24/7 hot water are not always an option. Owners of village accommodations often have nothing to do, because some of these features are too expensive to be installed and also they will ruin the whole rural experience. So it is better for you as a guest to be ready for anything.


If we take the Balkans for example, we know that almost all the villages were built near rivers. Most of the locations where rural tourism is happening are close to rivers that might flood the area in some parts of the year. That’s why owners of village houses must have a good quality sump pump. Always ask for your agency when is a critical time for floods at the place you’re visiting, and ask if there’s a sump pump.

Why are sump pumps so important?

When heavy rains come, most villages have no irrigation systems to transfer the water. Lots of houses with basements get flooded and unless the water is dried very fast, the house will be ruined. The water will bring mud, dead animals and lots of diseases. If the flooding is extreme, houses might even collapse.

Pros of Rural Tourism

Pros of Rural Tourism

The good sides of rural tourism are much more important than the bad ones. The pros will surely happen to you, but the cons is not very probable that you’ll encounter. Here are some of the pros.


Probably one of the best things about rural tourism is learning about people’s history, tradition and way of life. Knowing that visiting villages that are often older than 300 or 400 years and talking to descendants that are directly connected to the people founded those places is priceless.


Food is a major pro factor in rural tourism. Houses and hotels in rural areas very often serve food that’s made with 100% natural ingredients and by a recipe used hundreds of years ago. Just ask the owners what’s popular in their culture and you won’t make a mistake.

Sightseeing and relaxation

Visiting modern hotels with lots of stars offer luxury and enjoyment of one kind. Visiting Eco hotels and village house apartments offer a completely different relaxation. Rural tourism is always located in nature where the industry and human destruction is still out of the picture. Knowing that all of us come from cities where high buildings are blocking the view and noisy cars are damaging our ears, staying in a place where it’s quiet and surrounded by nature can be a real vacation.

Enjoy walking in forests, climbing the mountains, watching the birds, and of course, watching the stars at night as the light pollution is absent in rural areas.

Are Hotels With Outdoor Parking Lots Outdated

Are Hotels With Outdoor Parking Lots Outdated

Some people might not have an opinion on whether the parking for their car should be inside or outside, but a lot of people actually really mind this problem. A lot of people are looking for information on the parking lots of the hotel they are about to visit and many of them choose another place if they see that the parking lots are not what they prefer.

The general meaning and the better preference is parking that’s inside. Based on this, we can say that hotels with outdoor parking lots are definitely outdated. However, before we make a clear verdict, please read on about the pros of parking lots that are inside and outside.

Outdoor Parking Lots Pros

There are not too many pros about parking outside. Still, some people like parking outside more because of one very important reason for them – convenience. Parking outside is convenient. There’s no need for opening and waiting for doors, no need for complex maneuvers, and there’s generally less trouble in finding the right spot. It’s not a tragedy if the driver misses the white line on the ground while inside, the driver must be much more careful because the white lines often mean a wall. And hitting the wall will result in serious damage.

Indoor Parking Lots Pros

Indoor Parking Lots Pros

Drivers like parking indoor for many more reasons. Based on research all around the world, drivers in all continents agree on most of the following:

Rain and hail protection

Cars parked outside are exposed to all kinds of weather conditions. Rain is usually not something that might damage your car but sometimes rain comes with hail and this is a very serious problem for cars parked outdoors. The hail sometimes is so big that it can break the windshield of the car, and scratch the color off the roof and the hood. Parking indoors, of course, solve this problem and the car will never be exposed to such weather conditions.

Sun overheating

Parking the car outside in the summer will surely result in overheating the temperature inside the car. Parking indoors solves this problem because the car is not directly exposed to sunlight. Another problem the sun rays cause is that constant weather changes going to extremes will help for the faster spending of material. The color will fade, tires will need to be changed sooner, and other parts will become expandable faster.

Snow and freezing

Parking indoors will save the car from snow and freezing. You know that feeling in the winter when you have to go out and spend at least 10 minutes cleaning your car from snow and ice before you actually start driving? Well, parking indoors solves this especially if you’re one of those smart people that install garage heaters in their parking places. Underground garages can also be very cold and frost might occur there too. That’s why it is a good move to install garage heaters. They will keep the temperature to a level you like and you’ll always have your car ready if you need to drive off right away. They are also very affordable so you can be sure this is a good investment for your car.

Theft and vandalism

Parking outdoor means letting everyone have access to your car. If a thief decides to steal your car, no alarm system or secure lock will stop them. Parking indoors means a much more complex operation and your car is generally safer. Also, you prevent accidents from other drivers or vandalism in the late hours. An indoor garage keeps your car safe.


As you can see, there are much more pros in the indoor section than in the outdoor one. We explained how people see parking for their own personal home parking place, but guests visiting hotels are the same people as these ones. Everyone likes to feel like home when they go to a hotel somewhere else.

That’s why our verdict is – hotels with outdoor parking are definitely outdated. The solution for this are closed garages, of course. If there’s no chance for an underground garage, then a separate construction that will be adjusted for this need will also do the job. Don’t forget to install heating in every separate garage, if you make them separated, and also try to provide enough driving space for people that don’t feel too comfortable driving in tiny garages.

If you still doubt, don’t forget that hotels with indoor garages usually have more guests and their rooms are slightly more expensive than the competition that doesn’t really mind about parking places.

The Smallest Hotel Rooms in The World

The Smallest Hotel Rooms in The World

Hotel rooms come in different shapes and sizes. They have no standard on how big they must be. Some are small futuristic hubs with only the essential and others are lavish apartments with bathrooms probably bigger than the place you’re staying right now. There is no right or wrong, some people love to live in luxury and others prefer the survival mode.

The Smallest Hotel Rooms in The World

For the second group of people who love staying in small hotel rooms, here’s a nice list of some of the smallest, yet loveliest hotel rooms in the world. Read on, and see if you find the next destination for your travel.

The Pod Hotel in New York, USA

Knowing how hard it is to find a room inside the city center and not pay a fortune, the founders of the Pod Hotel created this place where you get a room in Midtown New York for an affordable price. The room, as small as it still has a bed, closet, small working desk, and a window. It is also equipped with a flat-screen TV, Wi-Fi connection, iPod dock and a bathroom that’s shared.

Yotel at The Heathrow Airport in London, UK

Yotel at The Heathrow Airport in London, UKYotel is now a worldwide brand that first launched at the Heathrow Airport in London. It is a hotel inside the airport and the rooms are actually almost the same as the first class airplane cabins. The rooms are just 88 square feet and in them, there are two bunk beds, a working place, flat screen TV, and a full toilet. Of course, the architects used compact toilets for small bathrooms, and the sink and the shower are also just enough to do their job. However, Yotel offers anything you might need for a comfortable stay until the time for your next flight.

Tubohotel in Tepoztlan, Mexico

Rooms placed inside concrete tubes? Sounds good? Yes? Well, that’s what you get in this hotel. A room placed inside a concrete tube that is equipped with everything you need for a good night sleep. Queen size bed, working place, a fen, place to store your belongings and power sockets for your electrical devices. The bathroom and the shower are shared, but the best part is probably the infinity hotel right next to the tubes which is the most attractive feature of this place. Prices are around 40 USD per night so it is a great deal for people that like small hotel rooms.

Green Plaza Shinjuku in Tokyo, Japan

Japanese people are known for their tendency of not wasting space because they simply don’t have it much in urban areas. In the city of Tokyo, there are many capsule hotels, but it seems that the Green Plaza Shinjuku is the most popular and the most famous among all. The capsule really is a capsule and people that feel claustrophobic can only get nightmares in it. However, for those that feel fine, the green Plaza Shinjuku offers a bed, Wi-Fi, TV, and power outlets for almost all electronic devices.

Capsule Inn – Osaka, Japan

Capsule Inn - Osaka, Japan

As we already said, Japanese love tiny places. The Capsule Inn is the first capsule hotel in the world and their rooms are champions in the world of small hotel rooms. There’s nothing else in the capsule except the pillow. However, the Capsule Inn today has modernized to a level that sleeping in their rooms doesn’t seem so bad. Inside their facilities, there’s a spa center, massage rooms, and other features that the guests can use, so it’s not that bad if we put the capsule aside.

Kaiteki Hotel in Ho Chi Min, Vietnam

Side by side with the champion from Osaka is the Kaiteki Hotel in Ho Chi Min, Vietnam. With capsules having only 27 square feet, this place is running for the smallest hotel room in the world. However, being small doesn’t mean it’s useless. Guests inside have light and sound blockers to eliminate outside noise and lights. We actually mean curtains and earplugs, but that’s better than nothing. They also have flat screen TV and Wi-Fi. Also, they are not expensive at all, so what more a tiny room lover could ask for?

EasyHotel in Europe

The EasyHotel started its business in London and then expanded its business all around Europe. Their offer brought them a lot of guests and the business flourished very fast. With affordable prices and rooms ranging from 75 to 120 square feet, this brand is almost always full. Rooms offer bed, TV, Wi-Fi, and a small personal bathroom. Again, compact toilets for small bathrooms are used. The bathrooms seem like there’s a lot of space in them, but that’s only becaufse the right equipment was used. Many other hotels with small rooms can insert toilets in each room if they use small toilets.

It’s About Time We Begin Vacationing in Africa

It’s About Time We Begin Vacationing in Africa

Africa's dangersPeople around the world think that Africa is one place that is not safe for travel. This is wrong on so many levels and in this article, we’re going to try to break the taboo.

When people think of Africa’s dangers, they think about easily transmitted diseases, crime, and not having clean water. This is surely a problem in some areas, but Africa is so big and has so many countries, religions, political systems, and natural differences, that is absolutely wrong to think of it as one whole. For example, the size of Africa is around 11.7 million square miles and the size of the United States is just 3.5 million. This is a great comparison of how big Africa really is. There are 54 countries in it, all with different governments and ways of life. There are almost 3000 different native languages spoken. Almost 1.3 billion people live in Africa. When it comes to religion, some people think that Africa has a dominant religion, but in reality, the two major religions of the world, Christianity and Islam are almost equally present at the continent. Around 47% of the population is Christian and about 44% are Muslim. We hope that this will bring a better picture of Africa when you think about visiting it. Good research about the place you like to visit is always the best idea.

Natural conditions

Natural conditions

One of the biggest concerns for people that think about traveling to Africa is safety. They ask themselves if it is safe for them and their families to travel because of the harsh natural conditions of the continent. It is true that the biggest desert in the world, Sahara, is located in Africa and probably some of the deadliest forests too. All kinds of dead animals can be found all around the continent, but this is not something that a traveler should be afraid of. Just think of how deadly can be traveling to Arizona deserts or ending alone in the Grand Canyon, but still, millions of people live in Phoenix and the area. Same goes for Africa. Yes, it is dangerous in some areas, but some places are simply amazing and worth the visit.

The biggest real problem that Africa’s facing is food and water. Millions of people in some countries are dying from famine and access to clean water. The food is a much more complex problem, but the water is really is to be fixed if people really put enough effort into it. Tourists should also have this in mind and carry some purifiers with them. People that tend to stay longer in places that have no clean water should carry water filter pitchers as their best solution.

Of course, not all countries in Africa have this problem. For example, one of the most developed countries on the continent, Namibia, has 98% of the urban area covered with clean water. A total of 91% on all its territory have clean water. On the other hand, Ethiopia which is in a completely different part of the continent is facing very serious problems considering clean water. More than half of the population which is almost 50 million people doesn’t have access to clean water.

You might ask yourself, is there something that can be done to make life better to all these people? It’s a great question, and the answer is really simple – water filter systems and water filter pitchers in great quantities. The problem is that all this equipment is not easy to be transported and implemented, but it’s definitely a solution. Actually, Africa is not the only continent facing clean water shortage. A total of 783 million people around the planet have no access to clean drinkable water.

Can we do something about it?

Sure, water filter pitchers and filtration equipment is the easiest first step. Then, installing water filtration systems in homes and public places is the second and more serious step which must be done as soon as possible. This will solve the water filtration overall problem in many areas, especially the urban areas still struggling to provide clean water.

Authorities can install reverse osmosis systems which are proven to be among the best in the world. Individuals can install full house water filters, and there’s always the simple solution – the water filter pitchers using charcoal water filters. These filters are eliminating all the bad bacteria from the water and make it drinkable at once.

So is there something we can do? Sure. Travel more to Africa, brake the taboo of being unsafe and donate to people who are in need.

Having 100% Clean Water at Your Hotel

Having 100% Clean Water at Your Hotel

Having 100% Clean Water at Your HotelFreshwater is essential for the existence of all life on this planet. Humans are no different. At the moment, more than 780 million people don’t have access to clean drinking water and this is a serious world problem. Some parts of the world have real trouble in finding fresh drinkable water in nature. Others simply have it all around them, but getting this fresh water from one place to another is not an easy thing to do.

Hotels in places where fresh water is hard to find must provide it by themselves. Guests coming to these hotels already know where they are going and they expect the hotel to have this covered without a single smallest problem. That’s why hotels must provide a cleaning system for their tap water or find other solutions, like water filters pitchers. Some might ask if it better to serve the guests with bottled water? Sure, this is a perfect solution, but it’s nearly impossible because of the price of bottled water and because of the logistic problem. Big hotels would need to transport tons and tons of drinkable water which would be an amazing challenge. Just storing all this drinkable water will be a challenge of its own. So what are the solutions?

Full House Water Filter System

Full House Water Filter System for hotel

Relatively easy to install and very easy to use are the full house water filter systems. They are placed directly on the main pipe that brings water to the faucets everywhere in the object. The water goes through a filtering system that destroys 99,9% of the dangerous bacteria. The end user, or the guests, get clean drinkable water. If you’re running a hotel it is wise to highlight this fact and let all your guests know that you’re using one of these full house water filtering systems so that they feel safer and have a more pleasant stay.

There are many different brands and models of full house water filters on the market. Some are more affordable, some are more expensive. The most important feature that basically creates the price is the capacity of water that the filter can clean. Some home systems can filter up to a million gallons of water which is a really good investment knowing that hotels waste lots of water every day.

Water Filter Pitchers

Water Filter PitchersIf for some reason you can’t install the previous system, there’s a much simple solution which is also a lot more affordable than the previous one. Water filter pitchers work in the same way the full house water filters work. The difference is that the first one is installed directly on the pipeline and the pitchers can be placed on a table and be poured directly in the glass.

Many experts think that there is no need for drinkable water for cleaning the dishes, showering and for using this kind of water for flushing the toilet. It may be arguably about the dishes and the showering, but water for the toilet bowl definitely doesn’t need to be drinkable. That’s why many hotels decide to use water filter pitcher instead of installing whole house filtering systems. It saves money and takes care of nature by not wasting too much precious clean water.

Water filter pitchers can be found everywhere. They are very popular and are being used even in places where fresh drinkable water can be found. People simply don’t feel safe because of the large industrial corporations whose factories destroy nature and the freshwater locations. A lot of people use filter pitchers in their homes and when they visit hotels as guests, they expect to see the same there.

These cool gadgets work in a way that when water goes through the filter, the filter captures all the unwanted ingredients. The filter uses special chemicals that only keeps the bad guys and the rest of the good minerals and vitamins, if there are, go through it intact. That’s why after some time the filter becomes useless and needs to be changed. Here are some excellent water filter pitchers that we like and use:

ZeroWater Filter Pitcher

This filter pitcher has a capacity of 10 cups and cleans the water for an hour and a half. This is relatively good because there are filters that are faster, but also way slower than this. The beauty in it is that the ZeroWater filter pitcher has the best effectiveness and the water run through it feels amazingly fresh.

Brita Filter Pitcher

Brita is a giant in the industry of water filter pitchers. This filter pitcher cleans the water about 40 minutes and also have a 10-cup capacity.

Mavea Filter Pitcher

This German brand is one of the best alongside the first two. It cleans the water for just over one hour. The only problem is they don’t distribute to North America. So if you really like their products, you’ll have to find another way to get their latest pitchers.

The Best Extra Services You Can Enjoy as a Hotel Guest

The Best Extra Services You Can Enjoy as a Hotel Guest

Booking a hotel room is no more just checking in the closest place to the destination you’re about to go. Hotels have evolved into a place where fun, enjoyment and relaxation is all included, and going out of the hotel is sometimes not even needed for spending the perfect holiday.

Best Extra Services You Can Enjoy as a Hotel Guest

Some of the most extravagant hotels in the world have all kinds of different facilities where people can do everything they can ever think as enjoyment. Starting from pools to bars, then restaurants, and going to spas and tennis courts. Here’s a little list of what some hotels offer as a part of their program to entertain guests.


Nowadays, you don’t have to be Finish to enjoy a hot steamy sauna in freezing winter days. You don’t even have to be Turkish to have a bath in a hot Turkish bath. Hotels around the world offer all this inside their spa centers and people can spend days enjoying. Some hotels are specially made to attract guest just for their spa resorts. Together with skilled masseurs, the spa is a place where people go for a complete recovery from exhausting everyday obligations at home and at work.


All hotels that offer spa will provide a trained masseur to give you a completely relaxing time. Everything from head to toes can be massaged by these professionals and at least for a moment, you’ll think that there’s something better in the world than late night after work relaxation with foot massagers. Sure, you can’t compare the two, so be sure you get a special foot massage while you’re there.

All-day Breakfast

All-day Breakfast

One of the most annoying thing in old-fashioned hotels are serving breakfast until 9 AM. If a person is on vacation, they should feel like it. Some hotels understanding this have started offering all-day breakfast for people that don’t like getting up in the morning.


All the delicious food that hotels offer, made by some of the greatest chefs in the world, must be processed fast if we want to stay healthy. Some people take a lot of care for their physical looks and everyone that works out knows how important is not to miss training for more than one day. That’s why hotels have gyms, often open 24/7, where people can do their workout whenever they can.

Swimming Pools

A hotel without a swimming pool today is like a boxer without muscles. That’s why some hotels are making their swimming pools much more attractive by installing them on rooftops, cliffs, or even hanging off specially built terraces. Swimming pools with a view of amazing sunsets, or overlooking cities. Swimming pools built on top of skyscrapers with bars that offer anything from beer to whiskey.

Yoga Classes

Yoga is very popular everywhere around the world. Hotels organize yoga classes for people that love to relax this way and to find their inner peace. The hotels that have private beaches have the most popular yoga classes as silence and concentration are very important for this activity.


Hotels in the Caribbean, Hawaii, French Polynesia, and other places next to seas and oceans offer diving as an activity that’s very fun. Even low budget hotels now offer diving because it became so popular.

Tennis Courts

Tennis is a game of two, so you need a partner if you want to play. Many hotels have a 24/7 tennis couch that can also be your sparring partner if you have no company and desperately needs a game of tennis. Also, a shop with tennis equipment is a normal thing in places like this. More luxurious hotels have more courts and you can play at any time of the day or night. At night, of course, you’d be playing under the lights which are pretty special.

Golf Terrains

Some big hotel resorts include their own golf terrains. Most offer they are famous exactly for this and hold golf tournaments at least once a year. Knowing that golf needs a lot of lands, not many luxurious hotels can afford to do this, especially not those made inside the cities.

24/7 Restaurants

Food has become one of the fastest growing branches in tourism in the second part of this decade. Serious hotels now have not just one restaurant with an amazing chef, but all kinds of themed restaurants where you can eat and enjoy day and night. Mexican restaurants, sushi bars, Chinese kitchens, and others are all part of the offer now.